Hilary Jack

Meet the artist:

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Hilary Jack works across sculpture, installation and intervention based works – often in, and in response to, public spaces. For Rediscovering Salford Hilary is inspired by lost or demolished local architecture – ranging from historic mansions and mills to contemporary towerblocks and terraces – as well as the social and economic hierarchies of the people who used these spaces. In addition, she is interested in the environmental impact of city redevelopment, which can often lead to a reduction in wildlife habitats.

In response, Hilary has made a series of sculptural bird boxes to be installed in the gallery, and later in the park, both inspired by these lost buildings – and offering a new home to declining bird populations.

About the artist:

Hilary Jack works across media in research- based projects, site referential artworks, sculptural installations, and interventions. Her work comments on the politics of place, socio- political issues and the impact of human activities on our planet. The discovery of a found object often triggers ideas for new work, exploring recurring themes within her practice of loss, abandonment, reparation and the human experience.

Hilary has exhibited across the UK and internationally. Her work is in public and private collections and has recently been acquired by The Government Art Collection, Alnoba Sculpture Park USA and Manchester Art Gallery. She is a founder/Director of Paradise Works.


Image: Hilary Jack – Untitled/work in progress (2021) Mixed media installation. Courtesy the artist


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