Meet the Artists

We are delighted to launch seven new commissions for the exhibition You Belong Here.

 Artists Jack Brown, Cheddar Gorgeous, Hilary Jack and Lizzie King are based in Salford, and were nominated in collaboration with our partners at Paradise Works and Islington Mill studios. Each have each been exploring our local parks and green spaces since Autumn 2020, to ‘rediscover’ stories, histories and memories connected to our surroundings; drawing further inspiration from archives, architecture and local history as well as ghost stories, nature walks, and engaging with the community. Together, their works encourage us to consider ‘belonging’ in – and to – our local public spaces.

Presented at the same time, new commission The Storm Cone by Laura Daly with music composed by Lucy Pankhurst, is an immersive artwork located in Salford’s Peel Park, that reveals lost park bandstands and their forgotten histories. At its centre will be a journey through music and sound that considers our relationship with the past, while charting the fading away of a brass band during the interwar years (1918 – 1939). 

In Summer, we will premier a new digital artwork Circadian Bloom by artist Anna Ridler, which share the themes of nature, history, and ‘rediscovery’. And in Autumn, join locally based artist Lowri Evans for new participatory project Leaving, which will take inspiration from the trees across the city.

The exhibition will be accompanied by artworks and archive materials from our collections, including historic works from Salford-based artists L.S. Lowry and Harold Riley.