Lowri Evans

Leaving (a study of Autumn)

I saw frosts thaw, skies change, birds sing.
I saw seasons come and go and I hardly went
anywhere at all.

What can we learn from nature? As the leaves fall in autumn 2021, artist Lowri Evans will turn her attention to trees around Salford and explore what it means to let go. Using science and personal stories you can expect cathartic rituals, curious studies and gentle encounters with trees and the people that know them.

Leaving is a continuation of Fragile Handle with Care, a pre-pandemic project that saw people in Salford invite the artist into their homes, destroy a treasured possession and talk about it; photos, texts and fragments of which were exhibited at The Lowry and will become part of the University of Salford Art Collection. Now, instead of domestic spaces, Lowri will be out in the elements exploring the cycles of life and death and life again.

About the artist:
Lowri Evans (b.1983) studied art at Manchester Metropolitan University and now makes art in Greater Manchester and São Paulo. She says, “I make intimate art projects in unusual places with complete strangers. Art is my way of saying ‘Sometimes I feel like this, do you?’” In 2015 she won a Manchester Theatre Award for The Shrine of Everyday Things with Renato Bolelli Rebouças, Rodolfo Amorim and Contact Young Company. She is an associate artist with Eggs Collective and the international producer for Coletiva Ocupação. She also plays in the band Hotpants Romance.


Lowri Evans, Writing on Leaves (2003)
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